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Will Laminate Flooring Give Your Home A Rustic Or Modern Look

When designing the interiors of our space, we often pay more attention to the eye-level aspects and ignore the floor. Additionally, whenever we imagine a beautiful, classy home, we typically incorporate an elegant wooden floor. The approaches to interior decoration have also changed with the change in many things. We cannot deny that wooden floors are always a classic choice and have that old-world charm. But now wooden floors are not at all the first and last inevitable choice.

The laminate flooring option is here, and it is a  dominant force at the moment regarding interior design ideas.

Why laminate floors are better

Classic wooden floors are far from being perfect. Not only do they cost a ton of money, but they also have many intricate problems which require expert knowledge. Cupping, cracking, and not waterproof quality are among the most common problems wooden floors face. Laminates are the perfect replacement for wooden floors. They are here to change the flooring game completely.

Laminates are engineered surface solutions equipped with many advanced properties. Busy urban life and ever-changing dynamics in creative interior decoration has accelerated our need and preferences for laminates. At the same, it is far easier to maintain, install and use in general.

Laminate floors : Modern look  or Rustic look for your home  

Flooring is very important as well as a tricky task. Choosing the wrong flooring will completely disrupt the theme and outlook of your place. Laminate flooring can create both a modern and rustic look for your place. It depends on what kind of laminate design you opt for.

There are many kinds of textured Laminates designs which will help you create a modern look for your place. To create a modern look, minimalism is usually the way to go. You opt for such a design which will give a complete look without you having to add a lot of other elements.

Modern looks usually focus on a minimalist, less-is-more approach. It is the approach embraced by busy modern urban families. On the other hand, rustic looks are just the opposite to that. They permeate the natural warmth and happy vibes. A little less formal, perhaps, more inclined towards the vibes of safety and love.

Laminated flooring could be a key element here, trying to create the perfect vibe for your home. Let’s take a look at how they can be used in making your home a beautiful dreamy place.

Modern look with laminate flooring
Idea 1.

To create a new age modern look for your home, you can try honey oak textured laminates. One more aspect to remember here is to always opt for high-pressure textured laminates. High pressure textured laminates are great for surviving wear and tear. So it makes the perfect sense to choose high pressure laminates for your floor. Honey Oak’s design is perfect for your flooring. Choose natural shades for your drapes.

Idea 2.

White shadow is another laminate floor design which will give you a sleek, minimalist approach to your home. With this flooring, you can go for dark solid-coloured furniture, which will create a well-coordinated look for your place. Along with this flooring, you can choose cool tones for the wall and neutral shades for the drapes.

Rustic look with laminate flooring
Idea 1

The easiest way to create a rustic look with laminate flooring is to use uneven textured laminates. Using barn wood design laminates is a great idea. This kind of flooring creates a beautiful natural vibe. This flooring design is usually observed in rural areas.

Idea 2

Moorland grey oak design is another popular design if youare trying to create a rustic look for your home. To go with this flooring design, choose warm natural shades of laminates for the rest of your place. The colour combinations are crucial here in order to execute the look perfectly.

Royalé Touché is one of the best laminate brands in India. Our laminate catalogue will tell you about our beautiful collection, available in a large variety of laminate designs. We serve our country with the best quality laminates, which are strong, robust and have great expectancy. Our laminates are the perfect choice for your space to give a versatile and unique, and refreshing outlook.

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