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What are the key ways to repair your online reputation?

Online and offline First impressions are very important, however, because customers are so powerful right now. Online reputation is more important than ever. Moreover, online reviews are ubiquitous, and anyone can Google their business in seconds. It seems impossible to manage your reputation. Harmful online content can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed. But it doesn’t necessarily damage your reputation. On the other hand, it’s possible to Online reputation repair with patience and the right strategy.

How to identify the roots of your negative reputation?

The reputation management is unique to each individual and business. Is the issue related to negative reviews on Yelp or Glassdoor? Is there an old story that hasn’t gone away? Do you have defamatory content on Facebook or Twitter? Finding the cause and source of the problem can be difficult. Because nowadays, there are many places where negativity can happen, such as someone’s personal blog or a review on a rarely visited website. However, an assessment of your online reputation must be done by you and your business first.

How to suppress negative content?

It can be difficult to remove negative information from the web once it has been posted. If someone posts inappropriate content about your business, you can contact Google to request that the content be removed. To find out what kind of content Google will remove, please see the removal policy for that content.

You can contact Yelp to see if a negative review is legitimate. Additionally, some online review sites may remove reviews if you can show that some of the reviews are made out of anger. The webmaster may still be contacted to remove content from the site. If the content is deleted, just because an item doesn’t appear in Google search results doesn’t mean it’s disappeared from the Internet. Suppressions are a long-term solution that improves your current online identity while protecting your reputation in the future.

What are the benefits of replying to reviews?

You may have reviews floating around that requires a response from the public. You can respond to both positive and negative reviews is important! The reason is that 89% of consumers read responses that businesses provide to reviews. That’s a lot of potential customers who are interested in your review.

Whenever you receive positive reviews, be thankful and appreciate it. You don’t forget to say “Thank you for choosing us” and “We appreciate your business” often. Be sure to give positive and sincere responses.


To get new reviews, use strategies to get satisfied customer reviews. You may send email campaigns to them. Ask them yourself or even handing out business cards. Responding to negative reviews is harder, so, when necessary, make appropriate apologies. Use restraint and keep it professional and try to move the conversation from the spotlight via DM or email.

At first, Online reputation repair may seem impossible. However, it is possible and necessary to identify the source of negative brand feedback then take action by removing or suppressing it. Additionally, creating positive content for search engines to index or add positive reviews can proactively improve your brand reputation.

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