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Six Types of Accessories for Your Electrical Enclosures

You already know that you need electrical enclosures for construction projects. What some don’t already know is that an array of enclosure accessories increases the functionality and customizability of the enclosures you choose for your project.

While you’re comparing non-metallic boxes and design aspects, you can also think about six different types of accessories that give you more control over the final product.


Panels allow further customization of electrical enclosures. Back panels come in a range of colors and materials, ranging from carbon steel to fiberglass. This better controls grounding, durability, corrosion resistance, and any other factors you need in your electrical box.

Meanwhile, front panels control access to the devices inside the box. Hinged front panels are the most common with locking mechanisms and variable attachment kits. You can protect electrical components while providing maintenance access as needed.

Mounting Kits

It’s also important to properly mount your boxes. Mounting kits also range in variety, with pole mounts, wall mounts, and additional mounts — ensuring you can locate and secure your box exactly where you need it.

Proper mounting kits are sized exactly to your panel, minimizing play and associated risks of wear or failure from the mounting hardware.


When you need airflow to promote cooling within the electrical box, ventilators solve the problem. They enable air to operate as a coolant while still protecting the internal components from contaminants and dangers associated with unrestricted airflow.

Pair your ventilator with a filtration kit for even better protection that controls the types of particles that pass through the enclosure. With filtration and ventilation, your components run better with top-tier protection.

HMI Covers

Human-machine-interface (HMI) covers provide the same types of protection and access as panels but with additional considerations engineered into the accessories.

HMI covers make it easy to interface with machines by incorporating buttons, displays, indicator lights, and other essentials right into the panel. It lowers the risk of hazards (like shock) while enabling proper human interaction with the devices protected within.

Like other paneling options, HMI covers come in various materials, latch types, and specific designs.

Hole Plugs

When it comes to customizing adjustable electrical boxes, you often need to punch holes to route lines and devices accordingly. Hole plugs allow you to re-customize boxes, deploying them in changing configurations for adaptability.

Hole plugs are simple in concept but precise in make, preventing unwanted ingress and maintaining the integrity of the enclosure despite custom adjustments.

Inspection Window Kits

Somewhere between HMI covers and traditional panels, you will find inspection window kits. As the name implies, these kits make it easy to see what’s inside the box while still protecting the contents from the elements.

Often made with glass or plexiglass, inspection window kits provide the durability you need. Yet, they are transparent enough to easily see through them to identify elements you need to observe within the enclosure.

Inspection window kits promote safety and efficiency.

With the right enclosure accessories, you can push your hardware to a higher level. You can get the job done right and deploy and protect your electrical components in the best ways possible.

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