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Importance Of Using Antimicrobial Plastic Films

With the recent coronavirus outbreak, more and more people realize the need for proper sanitation and protection of the home environment. The best way to protect your home environment is to always wash your hands, wear a mask when you step out, get your flu vaccination, etc. However, the virus is not only get transmitted via people. The virus can also get stuck on your clothes, bag, the mosque, and enter your home. How would you keep your home safe in such circumstances?

Here comes the importance of theĀ antimicrobial plastic film. These antimicrobial plastic films can cover up the surfaces that come in maximum contact with the hands of the family members, like countertops, tables, shelves, etc.

What is an antimicrobial film?

An antimicrobial film is a plastic film are supercharged with silver microns. Thus they can inhibit the growth of microorganisms on the surface of the film. If a virus or bacteria comes in contact with the surface of the firm, they will be destroyed since the silver micron strongly interferes with the life-support system of the virus. When it is put on any surface, it will prevent the growth of microbes in on that surface.

Antimicrobial films are already being used widely in certain settings like industries and hospitals. The most common use is in the hospital to prevent associated infection. These are also used for the sterilization of medical devices. Besides medical devices, clothing can also provide a nurturing environment for bacteria, viruses, and fungi to grow. Thus, they must be regularly changed and sanitized.

The antimicrobial films contain silver micron. Silver micron is 5000 times bigger compared to silver and. These have very strong positive charges that can easily kill bacteria and viruses by interfering with the life-support system. Since during the sterilization procedure, no ion plasma is released, the sterilizing power of such antimicrobial films easily last for at least three years.

Other antimicrobial Surfaces

Recent studies have shown that copper and the alloys of the same are among other antimicrobial surfaces like bronze, brass, copper-nickel-zinc, etc. These are metal surfaces with natural antimicrobial properties and successfully destroy a wide variety of microorganisms.

The PVC antimicrobial film

The plastic product most commonly used for packaging purposes is PVC or polyvinyl chloride. One variation of PVC is available as antimicrobial PVC film. These antimicrobial grade PVC films can help in keeping your packaged products safe during transport. Thus, helping you ensure a safe environment even inside your home.

Aside from using antimicrobial films on surface, you should also focus on regular sanitation practices. Nothing can beat the efficacy of soap and water when it comes to cleaning hands, and nothing beats regular cleaning of floors when it comes to proper sanitation practices.

The above-mentioned methods will provide you with additional protection. But they do not advertise that you forgo the regular sanitation practices that you have been following so far. If you have not got vaccinated yet, get yourself, and your family vaccinated, wear masks when you are out, use hand sanitizer if you do not have the availability of water and soap. If water and soap are available, always make sure to wash hands with water and soap.

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