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Car Checklist: Must-Haves to Keep in Your Car at All Times

Regardless of how much time you spend in your car, making it feel as comfy and safe as possible is essential.

Similar to a house, a car has many necessities. Ranging from general and comfort items to things you may need in emergencies, here are a few must-have things to keep in your vehicle.

General Necessities

  1. Car Registration

You never know when you might need your car registration, so it’s a good idea to keep them in your vehicle at all times. Also, check the traffic laws in your area to know how essential they are for your location.

Most importantly, you’ll need your registration papers if you’re going to sell any car in Dubai.

  1. Car Manual

The manual is valuable if you face a car problem and need some quick advice; it holds helpful information that may save you a lot of trouble.

  1. Phone Charger

Phones have become essential for navigation; we can’t risk running out of battery at all.

Keeping a spare charger in your vehicle saves you the trouble of taking your home charger with you and potentially forgetting to bring it back home.

A charger in your car is useful if you have long commutes and spend a long time on the road.

Emergency Items

  1. Extra Fuel

Do you often forget to fill up your car tank? It’s okay; it happens to the best of us.

You may also run into someone running on reserves and couldn’t fill up their tank on time.

Either way, it is always a good idea to keep some extra fuel in a container in the trunk of your car. You never know when you’ll need it.

Keep in mind that you can always get an accurate car valuation in Dubai quickly and effortlessly online.

  1. First Aid Kit

Make sure you keep a first aid kit in your car for urgent situations.

Whether you suffer a small cut or more severe harm, a small medkit will help you patch up the injury or stabilize it until you reach a medical center.

You can either get a pre-packed one or compile your own. It should contain necessary medical emergency items, such as sterile gauze, tape, triangle bandages in case of bone fractures, bandages for wounds, disinfectant, plaster, eye dressings, disposable gloves, scissors, tweezers, etc.

  1. Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is mandatory in cars in many places, especially for larger vehicles like trucks and buses.

However, if it is not obligatory where you live, keeping one in your car for emergencies is brilliant.

We hope you never need to use it, but it also allows you to help someone desperate to extinguish a fire.

  1. Warning Triangle

It may seem like this item is less likely to be used, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Warning triangles alert drivers that an unanticipated stationed car is on the road. They are a great tool to avoid unfortunate events.

And since you never know when you’ll need it, it’s probably wise to keep one in your car just in case.

  1. Jumper Cables

Jumper cables are thick electrical cords that you use to jump-start your battery when it runs out.

They are relatively easy to use, but you need another vehicle to connect the car batteries and boost yours.

Keeping a pair in your trunk is a great idea. You never know; you might use the cables to jump-start someone else’s car.

  1. Toolbox

It is advised that you keep an emergency toolbox in your car, especially if you take long and distant drives often. You may not always have access to a repair shop on the road.

A toolbox will come in handy even if you don’t know how to use the tools in it; you may come across a good samaritan or have a Mr. or Ms. fix it on board your car.

Comfort Boosters

  1. Snacks

Nothing makes a space feel like home more than good food.

Keeping a stash of your favorite snacks (long-shelf-life ones, of course) in the car is guaranteed to boost your comfort and mood at any time.

Snacks are a great idea if your blood sugar drops often. They are also appropriate for people who get hangry easily; your favorite nibbles will help you avoid road rage.

  1. A Blanket or an extra jacket

For long drives and unpredictable weather, keep an extra jacket or a blanket in your car for extra comfort.

You can grab it and feel a lot warmer whenever you feel chilly. You’re free to give your passengers the privilege of using it.

  1. Wet Wipes

It is convenient to have a bag of wet wipes in your car in case your hands get sticky from the snacks (mentioned above) or if you want to wipe something clean.

Make sure you have the wet tissues in a place that is easy to access, whether in the glove box, the armrest compartment, or another storage area.

Hopefully, these items will make your car rides safer, more practical, and less stressful.

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