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Tips for care & cleaning of tanzanite earrings

Tanzanite is a variety of mineral zoisite. It’s also known as blue zoisite, but Tiffany & Co jewelers renamed it Tanzanite. It is a calcium aluminum silicate stone that belongs to the silicate family. Its color ranges from violet-blue to deep blue, and it has a Mohs hardness rating of 6-7. Tanzanite is known as the gemstone of transformation.

People often wonder if they can wear Tanzanite earrings every day. Yes, you can wear tanzanite earrings every day (if necessary), but only with extreme caution. Remember that this jewel has perfect cleavage, which indicates that it is prone to be chipped or damaged if struck with a sharp blow. Tanzanite is also prone to breaking because its chemical structure is sensitive to rapid temperature changes.

However, by giving more thought to the type of setting you select, you can drastically reduce the likelihood of damage to this gem.

Here is a guide to Clean & take care of your Tanzanite Earrings

  1. How to clean your Tanzanite Earrings

Keeping your Tanzanite earrings clean and shiny is the best way to maximize its violet flame magic. Tanzanite, like all crystals, can become clouded by dirt if worn frequently. You can shake all that accumulated dirt loose and clean your crystal. Running Tanzanite through tepid water is one of the best ways to clean it. It reacts very well to water because it is a water stone in some ways.

People naturally look to the Internet for answers in today’s high-tech world (you are here, reading this blog, aren’t you?). Click away from any website that suggests using actual cleaning products such as toothpaste, paper, or anything coarse. These will scuff. We’ve seen some sites recommend using the softest setting toothbrush, but Chordia Jewels recommend using standard microfiber lens cloths or a completely smooth cotton cloth.

Begin by gently placing your Tanzanite earring in a medium to a large bowl of warm soapy water. The stone may crack if it becomes too hot or too cold.

  • You can use dishwashing liquid, but it must be free of bleaches and in the mildest form possible, as abrasives would be harmful to your gemstone.
  • Distilled water is also a better option if you live in an area where tap water contains harsh chemicals.
  • A plastic container would be even better. You don’t want the ring to hit the sides of the ceramic bowl.

Allow it to sit for 30 minutes. Then, using a microfibre cloth or cotton cloth, dry your ring in a light circular motion, much like you would a bathroom mirror, but obviously on a much smaller and more precise scale.

Avoid using ultrasonic and steam cleaning to clean jewelry, as these methods use high frequency vibration and high heat to clean the stones, which may affect the “cleavage” of your Tanzanite.

If you follow these simple steps on a regular basis, you will be able to extend the life and enjoyment of your Tanzanite Earrings for many years.


  1. How to take care of your Tanzanite Earrings

Tanzanite is a stable and long-lasting stone that can be worn in everyday situations. Normally, the stone is heated to change its colour from brownish to a deep blue/purple hue. Because the gemstone can be quite delicate, it is critical that it not be subjected to sudden temperature changes.

Exposure to bright light (natural or artificial) for an extended period of time can cause tanzanite to lose its colour. It can also be scratched by harder stones. So keep your tanzanite earring separate in a velvet-lined box at room temperature or separately in a pouch or box to prevent it from rubbing against other Jewelry and becoming scratched. This should provide significant protection for your gem and ensure its longevity in pristine condition., away from other gems, and out of direct sunlight.


Everyday products such as makeup, cream, and perfumes, can contain chemicals that can cause permanent damage. So make sure to leave enough time between using such items and putting on your tanzanite earrings.

If your tanzanite stone becomes scratched, you can restore your scratched Tanzanite earrings to their former glory by having them polished, but before going for polish consult a professional as the saying goes, “professional care is the best care.” You should have your tanzanite drop earrings inspected by a professional at least once a year or before opting for polish. They will inspect & polish the earring, remove any scratches, and even reset the stone if necessary. A good and reputable lapidary should be able to remove scratches and dullness from your gemstone, and there should be no weight loss once it has been re-polished.

There are various settings, but some provide more protection than others. The bezel setting, for example, encircles the gem with metal on all sides. While this limits your ability to see the entire stone, it also protects it from nips and scratches that may occur during normal wear.

The Chordia Jewels Tanzanite Drop Earrings are a breathtaking piece of jewelry that are perfect for any special occasion. The earrings feature two stunning tanzanite stones that have a deep blue-violet color and a brilliant sparkle..

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