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The Best Breweries in Cincinnati

Sometimes a cold beer and a burger are all we need to be satisfied. Many of us who travel for work or are avid road trippers look to the internet to tell us the best of the best for many cities. So where are the best breweries in Cincinnati, Ohio? If you’ve been asking yourself these questions, we got your back.

Madtree Brewing Co.

The overall theme of Madtree is something that any Millennial or Gen-Zer could resonate with. They created the brand to bring their community together. In their mission statement, they describe their beliefs and what they are hoping to bring to the table. They have 2 locations in the Cincinnati area that serve 2 different purposes.

Alcove Bar and Restaurant is owned and operated by Madtree Brewing. This location is for all those cold beers and burgers we crave! The building was built in 1873 and was once a German beer garden. Now the space is designed to be welcoming and casual. There are private rooms for more intimate affairs and an outdoor patio under 4 large trees that connects to a greenhouse bar.

The Taproom is the other location that is more for the party scene. Enjoy a fire-grilled pizza, a long list of cocktails, and the company of locals and visitors alike. Madtree craftspeople are dedicated to their business, customers, and the planet! They are determined to give back to nature as much as or more than they take to make their products. They plant trees, recycle PakTechs, and are part of 1% of the planet. There’s much to go mad for at Madtree Brewing. This is a MUST if you are visiting the Cincinnati area.

Rhinegeist Brewery

Another brewery that is deeply connected to Cincinnati and its community is Rhinegeist Brewery. The original goal and inspiration for Rhinegeist was based in the coffee industry and not the beer brewing industry it is a part of now. The two founders were in different places within their careers in the mid-2010s but fate brought them together.

Bob Bonder was the coffee connoisseur and Bryant Goulding worked for Dogfish Head. They reconnected and the rest is history. The name Rhinegiest comes from the neighborhood in which they built the brewery. Over the Rhine comes from the German immigrants who predominantly developed this area of Cincinnati in the mid-19th century. The Rhine River is a large river in Germany. Intriguingly, there is a history of brewing in this specific area of Cincinnati.

The brewery in large part is very committed to its stance in the local Rhine district. Like Madtree, they are passionate about sustainability within their company as a whole. They are all about innovation and have created their type of beverage which is neither beer nor seltzer. In a time where everyone is adopting the seltzer beverage, they have proven they could stand out.

Visitors rave about their brews, the unique space with a rooftop view, and their knowledgeable staff. If you’re a fan of cornhole, you’ll love practicing here. The building is huge and leaves plenty of room for large gatherings while still having space for cornhole. Clean, fun, and well worth stopping in.

Esoteric Brewing Co.

If you’re already a Cincinnatian then you have probably heard of the first two breweries before. They are probably the most popular independent breweries in the Cincinnati area. However, if you are not yet a resident and are looking at houses for rent in Cincinnati, then you’re going to need to find out the best-hidden secrets. Esoteric Brewing Company is one of those secretly amazing places that people are not talking enough about.

A recurring theme, Esoteric is passionate about creating an impact in its local community. They are proud to source organic, locally grown ingredients. From IPAs to pale ales, they brew an array of beers to please any picky palate. They even sell mini kegs so you can have your favorite Cincinnati brew on tap whenever you are craving.

Esoteric was created with a lot of the same ideas in mind as other successful breweries in the area. And there are many more to enjoy when you’re in this beloved Ohio city. It’s advised that vigorous research is completed to enjoy every part of the brewery scene in Cincinnati. There’s so much to enjoy and we encourage you to test your tastebuds.

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