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How Can You Make Every Day Your Employee Appreciation Day

More than just expressing gratitude to your employees is needed to create a culture of thankfulness. Investment in your employees is the key. Both in and outside of the company, gratitude can change people’s identities.

Also, leading an example and spreading the word all throughout the company can be the key to nurturing a culture of thankfulness. You can see such a culture in the company called Sunday Marketplace where people are happy and satisfied.

Even as Employee Appreciation Day will approach, an annual event for employee recognition might appear to be the right thing to do, but to show your employee how much you really value them, you must go much beyond too.

The following are a few ways you can make every day your Employee Appreciation Day.

  1. Recognize any big and small accomplishments

Start by thanking and praising people every day for their contributions, whether it is large or small. Ensure that your employees will feel the sincerity of all your compliments.

  1. Encourage peer recognition

Peer recognition can be your powerful tool to ensure that your employees feel valued and acknowledged for all their achievements. Encourage staff to thank and acknowledge one another much more frequently.

  1. Host lunch and learns

Each of your workers has got unique talents. Some of those may be hidden. So, organize a lunch for the team, and ask them organize a half-hour event to learn from each other.

  1. Coach, but don’t criticize

One of the best ways to help your employees is to advance in their careers by coaching them rather than criticising, which will never be liked howsoever, genuine it may be.

  1. Offer professional development

One of the most effective ways to express your thankfulness is to offer your employees certain opportunities for professional growth and also to support their career progression in the company.

  1. Prioritize personal outreach

One of the most effective tools is personal outreach where your employees will feel much more recognized. However, you must also express your thankfulness to your peers for whatever efforts they make.

  1. Give back

A culture of showing gratitude goes beyond just giving to your staff and making them feel a little more valued. Also, it is all about going a little more to establish an organization that contributes.

  1. Provide a channel for open communication

You must create a communication forum within the organization so that every employee can express themselves freely and also you must take it positively.

  1. Allow people to shout rather than send emails

In a daily work environment if any employee ever commits a mistake, then it is better to correct them on the spot rather than sending any written note or email.

  1. Organize team events

Often organise a team event where every employee can participate and show their other talents where you can see the other facets of their personality.


If you take every opportunity to appreciate and recognize your employees then there will be a sense of achievement and your employees will remain more motivated to give their best.

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