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All that You Should Know About Teeth Whitening

Smiling is one of the best things that you can give to the world. But if you have stained or yellow teeth it can reduce the overall prowess of your smile which is not only a letdown on a morale level but can also be a medical condition. 

According to the top dentist in Lahore, laser teeth whitening is a non-surgical procedure that can that without a doubt be the best way to treat yellow teeth. With the help of a laser, the teeth are made radiant and white. It can be best described as a cosmetic dental procedures that makes the best of bleaching gel and lasers. This is what helps to reduce and discoloration of the teeth and gives you back a healthy smile and good teeth. 

Here is a detailed guide to how it’s done: 

Step 1

First things first, you have to visit a dentist. They will tell you whether you qualify for a laser teeth whitening procedure or not. It is not a complex procedure but it might be a sensitive process for some because of various conditions such as pregnancy or breastfeeding. 

In case you are a boy or a girl who is younger than 16 years old and have received an orthodontic procedure then this laser procedure might not be your cup of tea. 

Step 2 

If you have passed the first stage of assessment or physical examination then comes the next step. Then the dentist will examine the teeth color and stain intensity on your teeth. That is the time when they will suggest some light shades for your teeth 

What Happens in the Laser Teeth Whitening? 

Then comes all the steps that can occur in the procedure. After examination and assessment comes the day when you have to get a procedure. The doctor will apply the vitamin E serum as a protective coating on your lips. It will protect the moisture on your skin. 

The protective coating has two purposes, one is to keep the hydration in the lips intact and the second one is to keep the lips skin protected so that it does not suffer a tear. 

Then the doctor will place a cheek retractor in the mouth. This is an important step as it keeps the mouth protected from the abrasion. The dentist will then place a cotton roll so that the lips are sealed and protected. This whole process might sound intense but it is safe and sound. 

The next step is when the procedure officially starts. First of all the doctor will place some gel around the gums as well as on the gingival tissue. This way the gums are protected away from all the bleaching gel and the laser aftereffects. 

Then the doctor will use the laser on the teeth. The heat from the laser will increase the effeiciency of the gel which will help with the treatment of teeth stains. 

The whole sessions takes about 15 to 25 minutes and then whether you need repetitive rounds or not depends on the shade of your teeth. 

What is the After Post Procedure Care? 

Your doctor might suggets you to stay away from certain things that might stain your teeth for a longer period of time such as coffee, tea, sodas and lipsticks. 

Juts to avoid the extra sensation in your teeth you can also stay away from cold food items which might stain your teeth. 

Who cannot Undergo Laser Teeth Whitenings? 

It can be possible for some people to not undergo laser teeth whitening procedures. Because if you are suffering from grey teeth and not yellow teeth then it is a clue that you might have a teeth problem. Another condition that might render you unsuitable for the teeth whitening procedure is if you have a medical condition or have survived an injury. 

Moreover, you cannot get this procedure if you have prosthetics such as veneers which are common in some actors and models. 

What are the Preventive Measures for the Procedure? 

Given below are some of the preventive measures that you need to swear by after this procedure: 

  • Do not drink dark beverages or colorful drinks because they can stain your teeth for a longer period of time
  • You can also make use of straws because direct drinking can cause stains on your teeth 
  • Remember your followups with your doctor regarding your teeth health 
  • Keep track of your oral and dental hygiene. Remember to brush your teeth twice a day and use a dentist-recommended toothpaste

What are the Side Effects of the Laser Whitening Procedure? 

It is safe to say that this procedure does not hold any complications and you can easily get benefits from this one. Laser teeth whitening is safe to administer and does not bear any noticeable side effects or health complications that can worry you.

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